Jump into a frantic, fast-fire, party battle with quick switching objectives and, jetpack propelled, airborne action. Welcome to The Otterman Empire! 



Choose your otter, customise with a jetpack and add a weapon of spectacular power and let the chaos begin in local multiplayer blast-fests or go in 'all guns blazing' in intense single-player missions. Every two minute battle takes place on a planet of the sprawling Otterman Empire with a diverse cast of characters led by the agile sharpshooting peace-keeping Astrid, and her nemesis, the deranged scientist Tiko. 

The Otterman Empire aims to bridge the gap between shooters and party games, including multiple, highly dynamic objectives, fully cutomisable otters and a sprawling galaxy of arenas. 


KIeran Rogers 

Managing Director, Marketing and Creative lead on The Otterman Empire

All things marketing, product and design. Kieran is also responsible for branding across

Gamers Unite and management of the development team.

Simran Whitham

Operations director for Gamers Unite and Community manager on The Otterman Empire

Founder of Manchester Gamers Unite, Simran prides himself on his ability to connect people 

and build meaningful communities.

Christopher Taylor 

Lead art director

Character design, animation, cinematics. Chris has taken the helm, bringing alive the characters we know and love.

Daniel Williams

Programming lead

Founder of Of The Bit Map games, Dan specializes in game design and mechanic


Tri-Heart Interactive are an 8 man developer team with 4

 full time developers and 4 freelance specialists.


Founded by Kieran Rogers, Simran Whitham, Chris Taylor and

Bradley  Mayo in 2017, Tri-Heart is built on a central pillar of community, which has enabled us to develop The Otterman Empire alongside and along with, the gaming community from day one.


Since 2017 the team have ran Manchester’s biggest games community ‘Manchester Gamer’s Unite’. The focal point of which is a bi-monthly gaming extravaganza, the last one bringing in over 500 gamers, developers and even Stormtroopers, through its doors. It is here that the the team connect with the community and have thoroughly play-tested The Otterman Empire through its entire development.

The moment-to-moment gameplay of The Otterman Empire features 5 core mechanics:


Traversal: Strap on a jet-pack and take to the skies!

Movement is the aim of the game, get the drop on

your enemies or evade incoming fire using your characters acrobatic skills.

Going toe to toe: Fast action fire fights keep you on your

toes while you battle it out with each characters unique

weapon loadout!

Don't forget to hydrate: Watch out for your water meter

or you'll quickly run out of juice! Find the nearest river to replenish your ammo and jet-pack fuel and get back into

the action.

Objectives: Each round is home to a different objective,

ranging in difficulty and complexity! Tiko has developed

a whole host of TikoTech waiting for you and your team


A few secrets on the cards: from special abilities to

environmental hazards, keeping you on your toes is

our main priority! 

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Brought to you by Tri-Heart Interactive Limited, a Manchester based game developer and the team behind Manchester Gamers Unite.