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You have art, I have otters!!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Hello all this is your favourite Otter community manager here and I'm here to bring you an exciting new opportunity I have tons of spicey The Otterman Empire game codes to giveaway for those of you willing to battle it out for victory in the arena....the art arena.

I want to see all the amazing talent amongst the best community and family in the world and am going to offer all the spicy game codes to see it.

Starting from September 21st to 28th Tri-Heart Interactive will be giving away 10 game codes on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam for The Otterman Empire to the community who produce the best piece of fan art.

Since the launch of The Otterman Empire on July 2nd we have seen some amazing creations made by the community and would like to see more!


Below are the super SUPER easy steps to taking part in our fan art competiton

. Join our Discord

. Post your creations in #artandmoreart channel during the competition run time

That's literally it....told you it was easy.

So go on otters these spicey codes are waiting for you to claim them by drawing me like one of your fancy french otters GO! <3

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