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Top 5 Tips when playing The Otterman Empire

NUMBER 1: Remember to Dive

Water is everything in The Otterman Empire, your ammo, your jetpack fuel, and a way of traversal around otter space.

Within The Otterman Empire you'll need to dive into rivers located throughout every world you will visit in order to resupply on water for your jetpack, ammo for your weapons and use it as a way to get around various points of the arena or use it as a potential hiding spot from enemy players and Tiko's forces.

Diving is your life's blood within the game so remember to do it as a quick dip could save your life.

NUMBER 2: Remember to use your special ability

Each champion you can select from comes with their own unique special ability related to their class and it's these special abilities that can save your little otter butt during an a match.

One of our favourite abilities is Mr Bubble's who can detach his legs from his body that the player can then control as a portable bomb, or Astrid's drone that she can summon to deal large amounts of damage to enemies, or Geo's animal mode in which he gets down on all fours and starts slashing.

Each character's ability is unique to them and sometimes it can be easy to forget to utalise this ability when the heat of combat is upon you but always remember you have an ace in the hole waiting for you to use it.

NUMBER 3: Remember to pickup health packs

Sometime's you just gotta take care of things yourself.

Throughout each arena there are small health packs that you can pickup to replinish both your health and ammo amount.

Between other players and Tiko's forces you will have a lot of enemies to fight and they will begin to take their toll on you and sometimes there just isn't a doctor around to help so you'll need to keep jumping between packs to stay in top shape and don't worry they are not a one time use pack, they will re-appear throughout the whole match.

NUMBER 4: Remember to Dodge

Sometimes in the heat of combat when jetpacking between hot spots and diving into rivers it can slip your mind that it's possible you to do a double roll or dodge out of the way of incoming damage.

Dodging can be an effective way to avoid enemy damage or reach a hot spot you may want to take up posistion in so never forget that each character has this ability at their disposal.

NUMBER 5: Remember to look dope

Sometimes you just need to look your best!

Each champion in The Otterman Empire has a set of unique outfits and a wide variety of jetpacks, toppers and head gear they can pick from that players can unlock from acquiring points throughout the game.

Whether it's fighting solo, with friends or against other players you need to look your best so remember to look through your wardrobe before heading into battle.

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