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Top 5 reasons to buy The Otterman Empire

NUMBER 1: It has Split-Screen

When was the last time you saw actual split-screen in a game or.....on Nintendo Switch ;)

Here at Tri-Heart we love bringing people together and love playing games with others and what better way to bring people together than to have split-screen gameplay and have people playing alongside one another making gaming memories together.

Split-screen is a rare sight in gaming these days and we're glad to be bringing it back, so grab your friends and boot up your PC, Switch or Xbox and get to playing.


Everything about The Otterman Empire is designed to help you create amazing gaming memories with other players and at every point it's possible to pass a controller to your friend and have them join you across otter space.

From the story mode, co-op, and VS it's possible to have your friends or complete strangers fight either alongside or against.

We as developers love bringing people together and giving players the oppurtunity to play everything the game has to offer with other human beings was a big for us.

NUMBER 3: It has space

Name me one game that has otters in space, shooting water at each other whilst flying around on jetpacks.....go on I'll wait.

The Otterman Empire features everything from otters in space suits, mechanical fish, and turtles all having what has to be the biggest water gun fight the universe has ever seen.

C'mon how can you not want to take part for that reason alone.

NUMBER 4: It has both a full story and co-op mode

The Otterman Empire comes with both a fully fledged single player experience as well as it's local co-op counterpart and better yet....even the single player mode is co-op! I know co-op story who does that these days?

Dosen't matter if you prefer to go things solo or with your friends Otterman has you covered on both angles.

NUMBER 5: It’s the perfect party and friendship experience

Do you miss the days of having your friends around your house? Couple of pizza's and an all night gaming marathon whilst your in the same room without having to talk over a mic?

Well those days are over now you can finally re-live the glory days as The Otterman Empire is here to bring you all together through shared and local play through split-screen.

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