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Top 10 games to play if you have to self-quarantine yourself during the Coronavirus outbreak

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

So unless you have been living under a rock you've probably already heard of the Coronavirus so welcome to the club of potential infected, self-quarantine can be a long process and we still need to game. So in no particular order here are our top ten best games to play if you have think you have (or actually have) the Coronavirus in a number of different scenarios.

NUMBER 1: Playing on your own

Witcher 3

You now have no excuse to not play one of the best gaming gems of the last decade, The Witcher 3 has changed the game for western RPG worlds and now I can never look at an RPG without thinking about the amount of depth each element of it's world possess.

The world of the Witcher is some of the best crafted and written within gaming history and thanks to the Coronavirus you now have all the time in the world throughout your quarantine to play everything this game has to offer which trust me you'll need in order to truly experience everything.

NUMBER 2: Playing with your Grandparents

Coffin Dodgers

We all know grandparents are hesitant to pick up a controller so why not introduce them to a game that seems quite fitting.. Coffin Dodgers!

In Coffin Dodgers you play as a group of senior citizens who are trying to outrun Death himself on mobile scooters....what a perfect experience to take away from your current predicament of being in quarantine.

NUMBER 3: Playing with your friends

Rocket League

So in the best of circumstances you ended up in quarantine with your friends and now you all aim to tear down your friendships the best way possible and what better game to ruin friendships than a game of Rocket League.

The ultimate game of skill and precision Rocket League will put you against each other as you battle and steal the ball from each other to score into a digital net for points that are worth absolutely no value whatsoever in the real world but whilst in this world will feel like life or death.

NUMBER 4: Playing with your mum

The Sims

We already know your mum is not going to sit down with you and play anything quick or flashy so you're gonna have to play on parents nature to lecture people on how to do things right and give her virtual children to order about as well.

NUMBER 5: Playing with your Dad

Steet Fighter

It's time to prove to your dad you can beat him a virtual world.

Look, we all know quarantine can be a stressful situation and tension is bound to arise; so it's best to blow off a little steam whilst settling your differences by beating each other up in the arena.

NUMBER 6: Playing with your siblings

Mario Kart

So you are now trapped with your siblings and need to frankly settle the score who is better out of you all and rocket league was already being taken up by your friends so you'll need to fight them to preserve your mantle of being the superior sibling with all your might on the track of Mario Kart.

C'mon like you need an excuse to play this I'm just giving you one.

NUMBER 7: What to play when you have too much free time in quarantine


Want to play games well now you can also learn how to make them, you might be in quarantine for the long haul and at least this way you won't run out of games cause now you'll be able to make as many as you want.

In all seriousness Dreams is an amazing game that is pumping out some amazing creations and has a whole libary of new games being made and uploaded each day so you'll never be wanting for new stuff to keep you entertained.

NUMBER 8: Some VR fun


You need to keep active when in quarantine and a bit of VR will keep you standing and moving about and also push your mind to be creative with Boneworks.

A fun or nightmare factory of creativity Boneworks is everything VR should be and should have been from day one.

NUMBER 9: Playing because you need cheering up

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

They finall did it!! Electronic Arts finally gave us a good Star Wars game and it's beautiful and it makes me cry to finally see the IP getting the treatment it deserves and after you play it you'll feel better about your whole Self-quarantine situation.

NUMBER 10: Playing for the LOL's

Plague Inc

C'mon we had to we just had to....

What better way to feel better about the world ending by a deadly virus than to create a deadly virus and destroy the world.

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