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Our top objectives to play in The Otterman Empire by the Tri-Heart devs

As many of you know within The Otterman Empire arena battles are broken up into many mid-map objectives you can participate in for points to win the round, but we thought we would put together of the Tri-Heart team's personal favourite mid-map objectives.

NUMBER 1: Hoop Dive

Hoop Dive is the most simple of our mid map objectives but difficult to master, players must compete against each other and dodge through all the hoops located through the arena...simply right?

Well no between players shooting you, the hoops moving up and down and dodging into each other this mid-map objective can be one of the most brutal but it leads to some of the greatest competition against players and has caused the most amount of rage quit against us when we have played with each other for that reason alone it's why it makes our list.

NUMBER 2: Detonator

Imagine having an enormous target on your back.....except this target explodes if you stop moving!

In Detonator players must race to strap one of Tiko's bombs to their back and keep on the move to stop it from exploding, whilst they gain points for possessing the jetpack it is also a double edged sword because whilst carrying the bomb players cannot use their jetpacks dun dun duuuuuuun.

The reason this objective makes our list is because of the wild man hunt that commences the second a player picks up the bomb, it becomes a race to see who can claim it next and sheer adrenerline that fills the whole arena throughout this objective makes for some of the best competitive gameplay throughout all the objectives.

NUMBER 3: Bombardment

Bombardment the ultimate task master, between other players trying to take you down, Tiko's forces hunting you, you now have to take down a giant bombardment ship whilst additionally taking down the very bombs it is deploying.

I know right....

This objective makes our list purely because of how much it challenges players to multitask like crazy and also keep their eyes fixated on multiple threats at once which can lead to some absolute carnage and hecticness within the arena.

NUMBER 4: Repair The Robot

Repair The Robot is one of the more longevity mid map objectives that presents the oppurtunity to screw over your opponents the most, simply wait for someone to pickup a robot part or wait for them to take out an enemy then you swoop in and steal the thunder for yourself.

Players must scramble to collect parts of a large Robotter within the arena and take the parts back to the Robotter and assemble it, the more parts you take back the more points you get.

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