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Dev Blog - An Update on The Otterman Empire 17/08/2020

What have we been up to?

It's been over a month since we launched The Otterman Empire and we have been listening to all your feedback, reviews, streams, Tweets and more and have been hard at work from our COVID bunkers working as a team on new content and updates that is coming for the game.

As you may have been seeing from our social media, Discrord and other social channels that we have been working on an update for all three platforms improving and adding features highlighted by the community.

We've been listening to everything you have to say and whilst we're keeping it mostly hush hush here are some of the things you can expect:

. Improved graphic sliders

. Improvement to our Nintendo Switch visuals

. Adding the sprint function to the tutorial section of the game

There's ton more than just that being added to our multi platform update and we will put out an official breakdown of everything in the update once we are ready to go live with it.

But WAIT! There's more....

That's not all we've been up to however we have more content in development that we can't wait to show you, we have new characters and maps on the way as well as a load of brand new single player and local multiplayer content.

Without spoiling too much we're working on a brand new set of trials and gameplay content that we've already made some significant progress on that will make both playing solo and with your friends a real game changer, and we can't wait to show you what's in store for The Otterman Empire and the future of Otter Space.

Follow our journey:

We want to hear what you have to say so come join our Discord and follow our social media below and if you haven't already The Otterman Empire is available right now on Nintendo Switch, Steam and Xbox One.

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Let us know your thoughts!

We love hearing your thoughts about what you like, dislike and would like to see improved for the game and reviews help small developers like us so much and if you have a moment to let us know your thoughts please consider leaving a review on Steam, Xbox or Switch.


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