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Colouring Competition!

That's right otters you heard me! We're giving away four copies of The Otterman Empire on steam to four members of our community.

What is this competition I hear you asking?

Well we are going to put our otter's artistic skills to the test, as part of a competition we will be providing you with four pieces of The Otterman Empire artwork to colour in in any way you see fit and the piece the Tri-Heart Interactive team feel is the best from each of the four pieces will be a winner.

Otterly brilliant isn't it!!!

How do I take part?

As you can see from the art piece below you will be able to colour in four pieces of artwork for our amazing cast of otters and the best design for each piece will win a Steam copy of the game.

Using the Google Drive link in this blog post you will be able to acquire all four pieces of artwork and for your artwork to be seen and tracked by our team in order to have a chance at winning you will need to use the hashtag #theottermanempirecolour and tag Tri-Heart Interactive on the following social media accounts below.

Twitter: @TriHeartInt

Facebook: Tri-Heart Interactive

Additionally you can also post your artwork and speak to our team directly in our Discord below using the Otter Art Submission for a chance of winning clicking the link below.



. Competition begins May 1st

. All submissions must be submitted my 11:59pm on Friday the 8th of May

. There are no limitations on the colours or art style the community wishes to use in order to colour in the artwork but drawing any additional scenery, props, characters will result in an automatic disqalification from the competition

. No artwork depicting abusive, offensive, or none Otterman related art will be disqualified


What now?

That's it get colouring in you otterly amazing people :D

Download the artwork, get to colouring in, use the hashtag to submit once you are finished and join our Discord to speak to us some more and we can't wait to see what you create.

Get the art below:

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